Engl215 Visual Poem Collaboration (Maryann Kuriakose and Joyce Santiago)

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This is the visual poem that Maryann and I worked on. We chose a poem by Sherman Alexie called "Charlie the Cook". The image we chose looks pretty gory, but we thought it was appropriate. Although we’ve read so many poems about American Indians and their suffering, it still seems like there hasn’t been a clear image of what exactly was done to Native Americans when settlers came to the Americas. Yes, we all know that the European settlers were extremely violent and demeaning to the Native Americans. We know that there were wars between the two parties and blood was shed, but this picture shows how much blood the American Indians sacrificed. We thought that it would be better to accentuate the American Indians and the fire and the child hanging upside down as a French soldier held on to his ankle. This might seem really inappropriate but this is only an example of the torture they went through.

ENGL215 Visual Poem Collaboration.doc


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Here is Jessica and Rachael’s poem involving ocean waves hitting the sand. The visual is of waves as seen from the shore.

Group Poem – Ocean waves.doc

Visual Poem

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Here is the our (Paige Jacobs and Ethan Washabau) poem. Our idea was to show how powerful and emotional visual poetry can be even if the context of the poem is short and simple. Like a lot of the poems we read this term, this can relate to everyone in some way and can many interpretations or meanings. It is all about what the poem means to the individual reading it.

Visual Poem.pdf

visual poem

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Submitted by: Lauren Wetzel, Kelsey Galloway, Julie Collins

Visual Poem: Waves

Sources: http://blog.thereviewbook.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/tidal_wave_800x480.jpg (picture).

visual poem_final.pptx

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I am sending this picture however another version was done with more poetry and imagiry to it and I will post that when I am sent a new copy since the picture file isn’t working on the email anymore. I didn’t want everyone to miss out on credit when the three of us did do the assignment so this is the main part.

dogdays 2

Poem Submission- Poetry 215

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I am submitting the poem for Professor Fox’s poetry 215 class.

By: Sarah Wilson and Maria Coman

The poem is attached.


visual poem1

Collaborative Poem

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This is the collaborative poem for Kimberly Epperson and Tine Mouzon. We are e-mailing it to get it posted.




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