Poetry 215 Prof. Fox for Wiki

August 15, 2009 § 3 Comments

This is our collaborative visual poem.

Genovesi-Howarth & Jones Collaboration.pdf


§ 3 Responses to Poetry 215 Prof. Fox for Wiki

  • cuongvu says:

    The concept for this visual poem is very creative. I like how the words form the shape of a yin-yang. The way the couple in the poem compliments and completes each other as they are “forever intertwined together” (Genovesi-Howarth, Jones). I agree that the shape you chose greatly matches the context of the poem. Without looking at the original poem in your attachment, it would be difficult to know where the poem starts and ends in your picture.

  • Bernadette Jones says:

    This is an original poem. Anji and Bern collaborated on this visual poem.

  • Bernadette Jones says:

    I thought the beginning and the end was less important. Once I had put the yin/yang together, I knew it would difficult for anyone to find the start, but I thought that added something to the visual. I decided to add the poem as it would read as a standard. So readers could see where the start was as far as the writing process goes.

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