Visual Poem Submission

August 16, 2009 § 3 Comments

Hi Prof. Fox,

I’ve attached the visual poem from Peter and I.

Take care,




§ 3 Responses to Visual Poem Submission

  • valeriefox says:

    Very Cool–
    The details (like use of red) nice.
    The poem reads well in straightforward (non-pictorial) form, so I was wondering if you changed/edited after you started working on the pictorial part, or whether that somehow determined the concept or execution of it?
    Prof. Fox

  • Bridget says:

    We went back and forth between considering the visual form of the poem and the poem itself. We started with the form and we wanted a strong, simple shape. Peter thought of the spider and using Alexie/his poems as the subject. Then, the poem came together by itself before it was considered how it would be executed visually. I thought it was important to have poem that could stand alone; that it could be understood in non-pictorial form. Finally, it was a matter of applying the words to the shape of a black widow spider. There was thought given to readability – beginning the poem at the head, followed by the body, ending at the legs and breaking the lines in a way that wasn’t too disruptive (i.e. while some lines were broken at the joints, each leg represents a whole line).

  • valeriefox says:

    I think if you created a series of these, you could try replicating this way (the steps, having a concept or “stand alone” first). Possibly depending on the concept or method of collaboration you could try different steps too.

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