Visual Poem Post

June 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Hi my name is Eileen Chang and I am from Professor Fox’s online ENG 103 class. Enclosed is my visual poetry submission.


§ 2 Responses to Visual Poem Post

  • Ali Naqvi says:

    It took me about five minutes to figure out what the image was. However, after i found out it was the cloud and the sun, I saw the cleverness of it. I really like the fact that the poem and the actual visual image go exactly hand in hand with each other.

  • Edward Benedetto says:

    I really like this. I found the image almost immediately. Simple, colorful imagery and a nice, fun visual image (the squiggly sun rays always get me) make this an incredibly interesting piece overall. I like that you didn’t drag the imagery out to take up space. Also, the piece rhymes, which may have been unintentional, but it doesn’t seem forced in any way, which is something I really like. That kind of smoothness reminds me of a lazy summer day. This works on so many levels.

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