updated collaborative poem- Jill and Alex

May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dr. Fox,

Attached is our collaborative poem, Such A Beautiful Scene , by Jillian Alderfer and Alexandra Belo

For clarification, the text reads –

Walking along the shoreline

sand between by toes

the water rises, the water falls

Such a beautiful scene

Maybe it’s the memories

the relaxation and peace that brings us there

Maybe it’s the need for vacation

or the distinct smell that lures us there

maybe it’s the feel of it,

or the sights, the smells, the touch, and all of it

My thoughts wander, peace.

Oh its such a beautiful scene.

Waves crashing on the beach, the sound echoing in my ears

A soft breeze against my face

Such a beautiful scene

Crabs burrowing in the sand

Making little holes as they dig

The smell of the ocean strong

My hair blowing in the wind

Making it difficult to see

But I can feel where I am

The ocean spray on my feet

A calming feeling to be reckoned with

Such a beautiful place to be.

collaborative poem.docx


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