Ye and Camilla’s Visual Poem

March 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

Here’s our visual poem for the blog.

Camilla Jeremie
Drexel University, College of Arts and Sciences
Class of 2014

Changes 3in1.docx


§ 2 Responses to Ye and Camilla’s Visual Poem

  • valeriefox says:

    Thanks Ye and Camilla for posting.
    So original on many levels.
    Ending lines with words like “or” and “to” capture the choked up feeling expressed by the narrator–
    In class, it would be great if you talked about similarities and differences between the poems.
    Prof. Fox

  • Dawn says:

    The way the poem reads is beautiful, the rhythm is perfect. The language add voice (like Professor Fox said) gives the reader a “choked up” feeling. Your formatting added so well to the feel of the poem. To me, it looked like the shape of a tear forming and then falling (also paired nicely with the content). Also, loved the juxtaposition of the different languages; it added quite a lot to it. Reading it again in French, but knowing the words, I don’t know somehow made it feel like a sad black and white French film. I loved it. Really excellent, good job!

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