“Goodbye to the Day” by Bonnie Athouriste

March 21, 2016 § Leave a comment

“Goodbye to the Day”

                   by Bonnie Athouriste

An impressive unveiled house
Six doors glassed-in
Tremendous light
Evening ribbon first flight before the switch

The old agreed to the new…more than new.
The transition…scattered art portraying resilience
Value the day’s last departure
Grab the gift!
Limited previously, now available to many.


[Note: This poem based on blackout/erasure writing using newspaper article]


“Perspective” by Meghan Fowler and Maxx Suchowicki

March 10, 2016 § Leave a comment

       by Meghan Fowler and Maxx Suchowicki

There she is. Right on time.
Five o’clock. On the dot.
Folding laundry while watching TV.
It’s like she plans this every Tuesday.
Five o’clock. Not a minute late.
God, she’s breathtaking.
How did a woman that beautiful
End up living across from me?
I wish I could talk to her,
See what eye color matches that
Silky golden hair.
It feels so wrong to stare at her
Like this. But I can’t help it.
She’s so–Shit!
She’s looking back at me!
She probably thinks I’m a creep!
I’m screwed!

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Five o’clock. Finally home.

I wonder if he’s home too.

He is. I see him.


I’ll just act like I don’t see him.

I’ll just keep folding towels

And watch some Dr. Phil.


I wonder if we’ll ever meet.

There is only one street

Keeping us apart.


Does he think I’m pretty?

I want him to find my door.

He’s looking.

I don’t mind it.


He thinks I don’t know.

But I can feel those brown

Eyes on me.


Oh! I can see them now.

He seems so frightened

that I noticed him.


Don’t be afraid…

Come talk to me.

“Eyes” by Samantha Harris

March 3, 2016 § Leave a comment


              –by Samantha Harris



A touch lighter than that of a robin’s egg,

Covered by beautifully long lashes as she yawns and closes her eyes.

Large,                      wide,


adoring                           kind

               One quick glance her way, and her personality is shone through them.

Ones like hers run in the family-

Incredible blue eyes.

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