“I’m thinking there” by Michelle Baumval

June 9, 2016 § Leave a comment

From I’m thinking there

by Michelle Baumval


i’m thinking there and back again, weary eyed due to my lack of sleep
with the sweet taste of that mango juice i had for breakfast lingering in my mouth,
it’s so annoying i just want to get it out and i could really use more sleep because
what else is there to do if she’s not around oh god i think, and i think i think
too much and if only she was here she’d fill the silence then say you’re not even listening
is she still there you can make it on your own i think i held my breath for too long
you look like someone else please save my soul i don’t know what i’m doing anymore


in the cabinets of grandma’s kitchen sit firmly ceramic presidents
i think i’ll dig my silver into them
out she goes and that was the last i heard.
i remember when she gave me a handful
told me to bury them in the garden
that the gnome will watch them grow.
living on your own is not the same when you’re alone
bring my body home
and bury it in the ground.



i was outside in her front yard and i waited for her call but i don’t think she’ll
ever come around it’s like that song “if you love someone let them go” you know,
i suck at letting her go i told her how i felt i should’ve kissed her when i had the chance
i’m her worst nightmare and i don’t sleep anymore i never want to sleep again
because i see her in my dreams


I’m thinking there is a blended genre series based on photographs and found text.


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