“Look Up” by Zain Wahid

March 21, 2017 § Leave a comment

Look Up
After Major Jackson’s “Metaphor”

by Zain Wahid

Me and my cousin
would dance in the rain
in the courtyard,

in front of our
Grandfather’s house during
summer thunderstorms, in the ’90s.

The dark, rumbling
clouds would send
chest-trembling thunder

and lay sheets of
cold rain, flushing away
the heat, and reinvigorating Islamabad.

It was worth it.
It was so worth it.
Getting scolded by our moms,

That we may catch
a cold, in nothing
but our underwear.

We had to.
We just had to.
Storms were sparse.

And this rain dance,
in the absence of playing
cricket, or riding bikes

was well-welcomed.
We’d raise our arms
and look up.

Then look at each other.
Such happiness, such joy,
of our childhoods.

Never again did
I see him
as my cousin.

No, from then on,
he’s always been
my brother.



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