“Little Luna” and “Rainbow Brite” by Melissa Tapley

June 3, 2017 § Leave a comment

Two Flash Fictions by Melissa Tapley

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 4.24.48 PM

Little Luna

I think they call this “closet cosplay” because everything that makes up my costume are things I already had at home and it’s not even a costume really it’s just my clothes and my actual hair and the sneakers I wear everyday mom helped me make my own copy of The Quibbler by pasting a printed cover over an old book I didn’t think we’d see another Luna, so it was really cool… like looking into a mirror and seeing me as a grown up cosplayer by then I’ll be making my own costumes and buying all the stuffed animals and wands I like instead of just using my saved allowances maybe I should’ve tried a spell… ACCIO STUFFED ANIMALS!

Rainbow Brite

dear seven-year-old self someday you’ll grow up and embody your favorite Saturday morning cartoon character surrounded by other people dressed as their favorite characters at a gathering celebrating geek culture with your trusty friend Starlight at your side maybe that sounds confusing but know this: just as Rainbow Brite replaced the gloom of the world with color and happiness you will help do the same as an adult part of that will be the explosion of enthusiasm and love for all things pop culture related this magical invention called The Internet will allow all of us creative, intelligent, empowered people to find one another and let our geek flags fly someday you will see the smiles and photos and enthusiasm you’ll receive when you light up a room with your cosplay and help make the world a bit less gloomy so hang in there kiddo and know that your “little wish in the moonlight” will come true!


(photographs by Melissa Tapley)


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