“James” by Gloria Choi

June 8, 2017 § Leave a comment


By Gloria Choi

An arm around the waist and a little tug to bring you closer, you always try to escape the distance. Flashes of white light capturing our time together and sighs of adoration follow every step we take. I enjoy it all, this thing between us. You call it a game? A lie? Well babe, I never had so much fun. It took a while to persuade you to go to the café at the corner of the street; you hate being in the crowd. I see what I came for and my body moves automatically. Your hair glissades through my fingers and you heart pulsates through your neck; you gasp as I close the distance between us. I can feel the frown forming on your lips, the annoyance radiating off with your heat as I smirk into your skin. A continuous click of a shutter followed by a disappearing silhouette and I smirk as you shove me away. You’re running your slender fingers through your thick, inky hair and I search your constant mask of annoyance for telltale signs of what you’re thinking. Is that a chip of jadishness and a hint of melancholy I’m finding? The photographer pauses and lifts up an eyebrow, curiosity filling her eyes before she continues to shoot. I feel it too, the prominent lack of romantic chemistry between us.



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