“Little Black Cabs” by Jonathan Bruce

June 8, 2017 § Leave a comment

Little Black Cabs

by Jonathan Bruce

The train was hot pulling into the station and I was sweaty. My mother hurried us out of the station to the streets bustling with activity. We hope in a little black cab, and I face towards the rear of the car, a novelty that makes me feel a little more at ease. My mother tells the cab driver our destination, asking to take the scenic route. The dusk of the night highlights all the buildings, making them seem as they do in movies brimming with majesty. My mother goes on about what we pass telling us her stories of her childhood and my grandfather’s. I ask him about it later and he just acknowledges he lived there and was too young to remember the bombings that sent him up North and I stop pressing the issue. We pass Big Ben and it looks fantastic, even more glorious that the 3D puzzle I built of it. I haven’t seen it since, but that memory remains.


Image from: https://www.askideas.com/30-incredible-night-view-pictures-of-big-ben-london/


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